Seven Temples in Seven Days – 1

Temple 1. Forest Temple

A brief description:

I’m completing all seven temples in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Masterquest in seven days. These are the Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, Light, and Time Temples, which serve as different levels to complete within the game, the final goal being to save Hyrule. The game uses the number seven with themes of growing up, and The Hero’s Journey, just like the Harry Potter books.


The first thing I notice about the forest temple is the sounds. There are no chirping crickets or rustling leaves. This temple is quiet and moody, with an eerie soundtrack. The colour scheme is dark green (surprise) being a forest temple, with a generous amount of grey stone like a Quake dungeon. This has the unfortunate effect of making every room except the twisted hallway, and the castle courtyard dull to the point of mind numbing: paving the way for various monsters to catch you off guard.

This temple is full of monsters: spiders that drop from the ceiling, giant zombie hands called Floormasters that also fall from the ceiling (there’s a pattern here), and five very tricky ghosts – one of these is the final boss, and is very tricky indeed. The other four are not terribly strong, but they have stolen the keys to the boss’s room: some of them even hide behind more powerful monsters as you go about the temple and take back the keys.

The Boss

The final boss, Phantom Gannon, was a well structured battle. The gameplay demanded good timing of Link’s sword swings to reflect his magic back at him. It was like wizards playing tennis, where magic bolts of energy were served instead of fuzzy balls. This phantom had some great prowess with magic, and had the ability to walk into paintings, and run around the landscapes within the portraits that surrounded the arena. Despite all these powers, when he lost to Link, it was revealed that Gannon created him, and has the power to banish him to the “gap between dimensions”. A very sad end for a worthy boss.

Standout Moments

I would say the best parts of this temple were the twisted corridors: after hitting a switch it was like running down the inside of a spiral sea shell. the perfectly rectangle shape corridor was twisted up. It was a trip. Emerging into the atrium at the middle of the temple was incredible. I could almost feel the fresh air after walking into a castle courtyard, seeing that the forest temple was actually a castle complete with vine covered battlements. I wondered who used to live here before it was claimed by the forest.


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