Seven Temples in Seven Days – 3

Temple 3. Water Temple

A brief description:

I’m completing all seven temples in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Masterquest in seven days. These are the Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit, Light, and Time Temples, which serve as different levels to complete within the game, the final goal being to save Hyrule. The game uses the number seven with themes of growing up, and The Hero’s Journey, just like the Harry Potter books.


Of all the temples I’ve played through so far, I enjoyed the design and layout of the Water Temple the most. Getting inside, however, was a challenge because the entrance is at the bottom of a lake. To reach it, Link needs some special equipment: a blue tunic that allows him to breath underwater, and some interesting footwear called Iron Boots, which allow him to sink to the lake floor.

A towering, underwater pagoda in tall a cavern dominates the temple centre. branching hallways and spacious rooms with waterfalls and rivers are paved with cerulean tiles, or built from dark blue stone. The blue colour palette is pleasing to look at, and helps stop this temple being a drudge. The odd dragon statues that turn up are also well animated and interesting to look at.

The Boss

There was no creature waiting in the bosses room: only a pool filled with very blue water. This water, however, turns out to be a alive – essentially living water animated by micro organisms. Specifically, an Amoebe called Morpha, which is a giant red nucleus that controls water. The boss of the Water Temple is water itself. I was reminded strongly of the Doctor Who special The Waters of Mars, where the Doctor fought off an attack of living water. The Doctor said “water always wins”, and that raises a question: is Morpha is really gone? The water vanishes after the battle, Morpha’s nucleus was destroyed, but it could return.

Standout Moments

As mentioned, the Zoras dwell in the waters of Hyrule. Their princess, Ruto, appears in the temple to help Link. She is infatuated with him and insists that they are to be married. This is a fantasy though, as Ruto can tell that Link has feelings for Princess Zelda. Link’s romantic interest in Princess Zelda is explored for the first time here. Link romancing Ruto would be a little bit like a Star Trek relationship, but an interesting alternative to the hero saving the princess.

Link also fights Shadow link, a dark copy of himself, and the toughest Mid Level Sub Boss so far, even harder than Iron Knuckle. Dark Link flawlessly replicates all Link’s attacks, and can disappear into the water. The battle takes place on a tiny island in a white lake with a single dead tree. The lake faded away after the battle into a blue room. It felt like the Holo Deck, which is the second Star Trek reference I’ve seen here, possible brought on by reading the recent Star Trek Doctor Who crossover.


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