Weekly Comics – July 20 2012. Justice League #11

This Week’s list

  1. Justice League #11

1. Justice League #11


When the League first started, Superman called for the Justice League to use all their powers and resources to help protect people. Despite their god-like power, the team agreed it had limits: they are human, partly human, or have a strong human connection to protect.

Five years ago, the Justice League discussed its limits. From Action Comics #10, written by Grant Morrison with pencils by Rags Morales, ink by Rick Bryant, and colours by Brad Anderson.


They became a physical deterrent against crime and violence, and a safeguard against super villains. Unfortunately, It felt that the Justice League spent more time brawling and bickering with each other. It feels now like they spend more time protecting their image in the media than protecting people.

The story that continues in this issue, featuring the new villain – David Graves, address the problems with the Justice League head on.

Here’s how David Graves, a married man with kids, became a villain with a grudge against the Justice League:

  1. The Justice League saved Graves and his family when they first banded together as the Justice League to fight off a powerful villain called Darkseid.
  2. Graves wrote a book about them called and helped build up the idea in the media that the Justice League are a team of gods who can do anything, and save anyone.
  3. His family contracted an unidentified disease and passed away, which Graves suspected came from Darkseid‘s home planet, Apokolips.
  4. Dying from the symptoms himself, Graves traveled to a supernatural place called the Valley of Souls where he gained the power to summon spirits of the dead: anyone who touches these apparitions feels heavy grief to the extent that they are knocked into a coma.

Graves helped establish the Justice League, and now he is trying to destroy them: they didn’t save his family, and were not the gods he thought they were. Questions remain unanswered: did the Justice League fail to save the Graves family? How many others have they placed in danger as a result of carelessness? The Justice League needs some kind of change – they can’t use their human nature as an excuse to avoid helping protect people and expect to be treated like gods.


Jim Lee’s pencil work is first class. There are several very dramatic moments courtesy of Wonder Woman which are drawn with power and fine detail. The shards of Green Lantern’s shattered shield, for example. Alex Sinclair and Gabe Eltaeb provide excellent colours throughout.

Wonder Woman takes down Green Lantern, but the infighting has to stop.

Standout moments

Geoff Johns writes a strong villain in David Graves. There are some dark moments where we see he is committed to what he is doing to the Justice League. His outward appearance reflects his emotional state, and for the first time in this issue, the reader sees some of the man inside the hardened exterior.

David Graves reflects on the loss of his family.

Johns also writes for the backup story, Shazam, and Billy Batson is now very close to receiving the powers that will allow him to transform into Captain Marvel. After several months constructing Billy’s new universe, this is a welcome change in pace.



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