Comics Review and News – Justice League #14

I have an important update regarding Wallflyer. Unfortunately I have had to cancel any further fanfic projects. I will continue to write comic book, video game, and movie reviews – always (attempting) to provide an insight and ideas on pop-culture.

Apologies for the long delay in posting. To make up for the break, I have several new comic reviews to post starting today, and continuing throughout the week.

Justice League #14

Imagine Aquaman for a second –  a tall, blond man in a shiny, fish-scale shirt carrying a gold trident. Note that he can control all forms of marine life.

Sounds a bit silly right? Now image him in the Amazon river with a shoal of savage piranha, poised to attack at his command. This is one of several great character moments in this issue.

The League has stopped attention seeking and reveling in the media spotlight. They are focused, and dedicated to stopping threats like the new villain of the issue – the Cheetah, a revamp of the silver age villain.

In regards to the Villain – the Cheetah is a demigod trapped in a cursed knife. The story goes that Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist, channeled the Cheetah’s power. The Cheetah is her totem now, and she draws a range of talents from it – one of which, is sharing some of her power through a vampire bite: spreading the Cheetah like an infection (See Superman’s transformation below). She has lost herself in the rush of power.

There are more ideas in this issue on what it means for humanity to have god protectors – the League, in this light, is a contemporary pantheon. The Cheetah is what happens when god-like power goes wrong. The League are starting to get it right – they are listening to each other, delegating duties between each other, and generally not fighting with each other. The simmering tension between Batman and Aquaman is slowly building. Geoff Johns is writing an impressive super hero, fantasy comic.

There is only one minor inconsistency in the setting: The Cheetah hunts in the Congo jungle, however Aquaman is seen controlling Piranha. The fish are native only to South America, however.

Superman and Wonder Woman’s new romance continues, and there are some great moments of the couple having pancakes in Smallville, surrounded by plain clothed people while they are in full costume.

Justice League #14 is published by DC comics


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