News – Pokemon X and Y versions announced.

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, has announced two new Pokemon games for the Nintendo 3DS console. This will be the first Pokemon game to be released on Nintendo’s popular 3D console, and mark the sixth generation of new Pokemon in the juggernaut gaming franchise since the first games, Pokemon Red and Green versions (presented as Red and Blue in the west), appeared in 1996.

Combined with the previous five generations, each adding about 150 more monsters to the tally, we can expect a total well over 800 Pokemon to collect when the new versions are released in October this year. Below are some thoughts I had after watching the first trailer from Nintendo:

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y versions

The new region: A trip to Paris.

Up until recently, Pokemon games were set in a world based on a part of Japan. Pokemon Black and White and their respective sequels was set in a place called Unova, which was based on America’s east coast. In October, players will visit a region based on Europe – specifically Paris, if the Eifle tower lookalike shown briefly in the trailer will appear in the game’s final animation.

Why there will be a Pokemon Z version in 2014.

The change from two dimensional to three dimensional graphics represents a milestone in video game history. It makes sense that when the Pokemon Franchise takes this step forward, the change would be a highlight of the latest game. This is why the game’s titles reflect the change, and why a Z will likely appear in the future.

X and Y axis appear on line graphs to track the progress of something being measured over time. For line graphs in 3D, a Z axis is added to the graphs. Specific points, or coordinates, can then be plotted or found by checking the X, Y, and Z axis. This is called a Cartesian Coordinate System. Since the franchise is transitioning to 3D, and the titles reflect the X and Y axis, it makes sense that a Z version will follow.

The Starters.

Each new game allows the player to chose one of three started pokemon – these are entry level monsters know for being mascots, and powerful in battle. This new game has three new starters, and below is a comic which introduces the three new Pokemon: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.



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