Easter update – Uncanny Avengers.

Easter preparations – namely making chocolate eggs –  has taken time away from my regular comic reading. I thought I would make at least a few Easter eggs inspired by characters from comics. I chose Marvel’s Uncanny Avengers.

Tomorrow, as another Easter Special, I have an a special review planned – Saga Volume 1, which collects Saga #1-6, and I have been looking forward to reading Saga for a while now.

Uncanny Avengers Easter Eggs

To be honest, I had considered dropping Uncanny Avengers  from my weekly list of comics. I plan to go into more detail in a future post, however, I decided to pick up Uncanny Avengers #5 this week. I was happy to see the return of The Wasp. Like many superheroes, the Wasp was presumed deceased fighting off a villain, but later turned out to have survived.

I’m a fan of her character’s approach to being a super hero:  Wasp changes her costume design often, and does not shy away from meeting people while she does regular super hero work of saving lives and preventing disasters.

I made three different flavoured eggs for my three favorite Uncanny Avengers members: Scarlet Witch and Rogue, and The Wasp.

Wasp‘s egg is honeycomb flavoured. Scarlet Witch‘s egg has red, Cherry Ripe centre. Rogue‘s egg has a green and white peppermint fondant filling.

Uncanny Avengers Easter Eggs

The Honeycomb Eggs is inspired by the Wasp, while the Cherry Ripe egg and green and white peppermint egg are inspired by the Scarlet Witch and Rogue respectively.

Marvel Comic’s website has more information and full character profiles on the Uncanny Avengers, Rogue, Scarlet Witch, and The Wasp.


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