Comics Review – All New X-Men #11

All New X-Men #11

Contained in one issue of an X-men comic is: a titanic clash between Jean Grey and the psychic, Stepford sisters.

Magneto proving why he’s the master of magnetism.

And Mystique carrying out some clever corporate espionage against Stark Industries.

There are so many great moments here, but I thought the best by far was a conversation between Jean Grey, and Kitty Pride. On a basketball court at night, Kitty helps a distraught and isolated Jean, who is dealing with feeling like a teenage outcast because of her psychic powers. At the same time, she knows that she and her friends are out of time, having traveled from the past to the present day. The good order of space and time in the Marvel universe is resting on her shoulders.

It’s good to see Spider-man‘s mantra “With great power comes great responsibility” here, as Kitty teaches Jean how to be responsible rather than forcing others to do as she wishes when she dose not get her way.

The comic then jumps to the Blackbird – the X-men‘s distinctly dark stealth jet. The team are working together, and tracking down Mystique.

Speaking of the blue shapeshifter, last month she impersonated SHEILD officer Maria Hill. This month, it’s a familiar character from Stark Industries.

Mystique also has a friend named Mastermind, who has the power to enchant and trick by crafting detailed illusions, mesmerising anyone she chooses. Mastermind has been using her power to frame the X-men, making it appear they are responsible for Mystique‘s crime and espionage spree.

The Art

The epic clash between Jean and the sisters explodes with purple and white energy that brings the page to life with it’s glaring, powerful colours. Thor makes a cameo appearance, and whips up a wind tunnel that is grey, dark, and scary to look at as the Blackbird is tossed around in the tumult.

Fine detail is loaded deliberately into the characters faces. One close shot of Dr. Hank McCoy puzzling over the effects of his time travel on space time in the Marvel universe is dramatic, and interesting. I was left guessing what ideas could possibly be on his mind.

A bit more on All New X-Men #11

The consequences of Mastermind impersonating the X-men starts to unfold here. Thor‘s appearance and subsequent assault is connected. I thought there was some humour in the Uncanny Avengers attacking the X-men without checking first if they had actually committed any crimes. It’s a good cliffhanger to end on. All New X-men has a lot to offer, with it’s strong characters and story. This is definitely a book for X-men fans to take a look at.

All New X-men #11 is published by Marvel Comics. Writer: Brian Michael Bendis. Pencils: Stuart Immonen. Inks: Wade von Grawbadger. Colours: Marte Garcia. Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit.


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