Comics Review – All New X-men #12

All New X-men #12: All New X-men VS. Uncanny Avengers

This issue of All New X-men represents about a year’s worth of work (12 issues, 1 per month). To celebrate this one year anniversary, Alex confronts the younger version of his brother, Scott Summers, who has time traveled to the present day. The cover art is misleading – this issue is more about the character’s inner thoughts and emotions.  It’s good to see the comic book progressing beyond snap-decisions and unchecked aggression.

Except for Jean Grey.

Jean’s accidental or deliberate misuse of her telepathy continues to land her in violence, which categorically ends with her shouting, and knocking over a crowd of super heroes with her telekinesis.

Rogue quips: “An out-of-control Jean Grey. It’s like a high school reunion”

What’s interesting about this outburst is Jean has read the mind of Wanda Maximoff – the Scarlet Witch.

Wanda’s anxiety is made plain: her memories of remodeling reality into the House of M world, and saying “No more mutants”are constantly on her mind. Jean says she was “screaming it out there, mentally”.

Again, it’s Kitty Pride to the rescue, with some help from Wolverine. as she tells the young x-men from the distant past that what happened was the X-men’s darkest hour, and they have just recovered from it. Wolverine and Beast talk a little about hypocrisy.

Wanda isn’t thinking on her efforts to restore mutation to the humanity during Marvel’s Avengers VS X-men event from 2012. We see she is ruminating on her past. Though shocking, bringing this to the surface might help Wanda realise that she needs to move on.

The Art

The artwork is splendid and glowing throughout the comic. As the shape-shifter Mystique continues her plans, there is another dazzling cameo.

The Uncanny Avengers and New X-men are in a field at night, and the lighting is ideal for the setting. it’s like the Avengers and X-men are in a theatre, and the lighting is selective, highlighting only parts of the stage. With the lights from the Avenger’s quinjet as the only source of illumination, it feels dramatic.

A bit more on All New X-men #12

While the comic is strong on character, and has excellent conversations and sharp, little comments between these characters, there is a sense that the comic has no momentum. It’s not clear what the X-men want, apart from Wolverine, who is the only driving force, taking a leadership role. The motivation stems from his desire to stop Mystique from continuing to steal. As the comic book enters it’s second year, a stronger sense of plot might emerge.

All New X-men #12 is published by Marvel Comics. Writer: Brian Michael Bendis. Penciler: Stuart Immonen. Inker: Wade Von Grawbadger. Colourist: Rain Beredo. Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit.


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