Wallflyer Update – New blog posts and writing.

While writing content for Wallflyer, I’ve included a few blog posts with analysis, thoughts, and ideas on popular culture, and written more comic reviews then I thought I would at the beginning. I’ve reviewed a few movies, and a classic video game. And I created a pokemon comic that has caught some attention. What I want to do though, is have my blog offer more to readers in its weekly reviews and content:

  • Wallflyer reviews have some structure, with the “art”, and “a bit more on…” headings. I think there is a need for more structure in comic reviews.
  • Comics, movies, books, television shows, and games all promote and endorse certain ideas on how to act: characters have their own ethics and values, which creators work into their writing. I think there is a need to report more thoroughly on ethics and values.
  • I want to add more of my creative writing, and have greater quality non-fiction on Wallflyer. I have a preview from one of my own comics: a character design I’m working on. I think the art style will be surprising.

Thanks for reading, and tomorrow’s update will be a review of Wonder Woman #21



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