Bravest Warriors #11 – Comics Review

Bravest Warriors #11: You, Sir, Are A Terrible Magician.

(This review includes spoilers for Issue #11 of Bravest Warriors)

Danny and Wallow, two members of the Bravest Warriors Team, infiltrate a public school located on the moon’s dark side. They hope to catch a teacher responsible for the disappearance of six children at six other schools on six different planets. Stopping this serial offender will mean that the warriors must employ clever disguise, and be prepared for anything. After all, they suspect that a werewolf is responsible for the school kids going missing.

Instead, Danny and Wallow bring a bazooka with silver mortar shells, and dress up as a magician and his assistant. There’s a few problems with this plan.

First, Danny admits he became a Bravest Warrior because there are no children in space – he has a fear of young children. Second, Danny and Wallow agree that pulling a bazooka on an audience of school children and their teacher is appropriate. With a flourish, Danny pulls the bazooka out of a hat, and the kids are terrified. The teacher says: “I hope for your sake that Bazooka fires apologies son”. The Bravest Warriors comic book follows the sense of humor established in the Bravest Warriors animated episodes released on Youtube by Cartoon Hangover. The Humor is aimed at younger readers – the content appears violent, but is not seriously explicit. Bravest Warriors #11 is entertaining because it’s over-the-top and extreme in its humor.


There are some entertaining facial expressions in Issue #11. It helps that Danny is the most extreme cast member of the Bravest Warriors team. His facial expressions are an example of this – he has more than one maniacal grin as he weilds the bazooka, and performs for his audience as a magician.

Some of the best art is a page where we see the werewolf transform from it’s human form, shifting to a wolf monster. This sequence is captured on a single page, with no panels to break up the sequence. A variety of colours are used throughout – some of the children are aliens, or have at least one alien parent. Their skin tones vary from cyan, to pink, orange, violent, and spinach green. A short, seven page back-up story entitled “Drawing with Impossibear” features a remorseless character named Impossibear showing readers how to draw space chickens and the popular Catbug. The art for this short comic is deliberately simplified and has strong, clear outlines.


Unfortunately, half the Bravest Warriors are missing. This comic book stars only Wallow and Danny on a side-mission, and Catbug and Impossibear in the back-up short. Danny and Wallow have some hilarious moments. Since Danny is the Magician, Wallow dresses as the assistant, donning an elegant, scarlet gown with matching elbow length gloves and ruby earings. Danny’s magician costume is suitably dashing, with a red cape and lighting bolt insignia.

Themes, Ethics, Values.

The Bravest Warriors live up to their title. The Bravest Warriors comic characters face situations where they need to be brave. Danny not only faces a room filled with children, but also commits to public speaking, and faces off against a werewolf. He does not use the bazooka’s silver payload. There is a highly self aware moment when a text box reads “character developing flashback”, and Danny agrees to never use a Bazooka on a child, especially if they are a werewolf. Apart from the bravery, there are not any other solid themes or values in place.

A bit more on Bravest Warriors #11

Cartoon Hangovers alternative, science fiction series, balances out the fantasy offerings of Adventure Time, and is now just one issue away from 12 installments, and a year’s worth of published comics. This is something to celebrate: Bravest Warriors is a light and humor-filled adventure comic.

Bravest Warriors #11 is published by Kaboom! and created by Cartoon Hangover. $3.99 USD. Joey Comeau (W.) Mike Holmes (A.) Lisa More (C.) Steve Wands (L.) with Ryan Pequin (W & A.) Whitney Cogar (C.)


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