Inhumanity: Awakening #1 – Comics Review

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What Inhumanity: Awakening #1 Offers

A representation of social media runs right through the comic’s story. As the events of the comic play out across the panels, a stream of updates in the form of comments appear along the top of each page. Visually, it’s a bit distracting, but shows what happens online as bloggers and individuals react to daily events.

What’s worth considering is, how novel and truthful is the experience to readers reading the comic digitally? Readers also logged into Pintrest, Tumblr, and Twitter, can watch authentic micro-blogging taking place. That’s not the only risk, considering that sometimes the text can be a distraction from the artwork.

It’s an interesting idea and thoughtful idea, however, and the comic offers an insight into social media, and the online bullying and discrimination that can run rampant. The comic offers a key insight into how words and verbal abuse can affect youth online.

It places value in diversity, and also makes a statement about building positive friendships and networks with others – find like-minded friends. Once collected into a trade paperback, the complete story could offer more insights.

What’s a trade paperback? When a series of single issue comics are collected together into a book format, they are called a trade paperback.  Collected editions can also be published with a hard cover.


Staff and students from Avengers Academy, X-men’s Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, and new Inhuman characters. The key cast members are Striker, Finesse, Pixie, and Quentin Quire. A new character creates the emotional drive that moves the story forward. Following the events of Marvels Infinity story arc, she updates her social media accounts, showing the world the changes. Regular updates broadcast to her followers also show off the online battle between her  allies, and a nasty troll.

What is the Avengers Academy? A High School for super heroes established by Ant-man and the Avengers.

What is the Jean Grey School for higher Learning? An school built by Wolverine for educating and supporting young mutants facing discrimination.

What are Inhumans? A race of unique and genetically diverse humans who fit under the science fiction idea of highly evolved humans created as a result of alien experiments many hundreds of thousands of years ago. They feature prominently in Marvel’s most recent story arc for 2013: Infinity.


Persepective in the opening pages is lacking. Characters appear to be spaced out across a wide, urban area. Since they are all the same size, however, it’s difficult to tell the breadth and depth of the image. This is unusual, considering art that appears later in the issue tackles perspective with ease. The opening page does have some strong penciling, colour, and shadows work.

Art for the pages where the story follows a new character’s social media updates have interchanging moments of humor and tension brought on by clever body language and faces. Two, large-scale pages also have some strong  artwork of Avengers Academy characters.

Themes, Ethics, Values for Readers

The core ethic of the story is a recommendation to readers that they seek likeminded friends and supporters. Value is placed in diversity. The young superheroes of the story, who feel alone, rejected, and alienated for are variety of reasons, are described as “millionaires” – their lives rich in diversity.

Through the cast’s dialog, the comic recommends readers follow what they care about, and pursue a passion regardless of whether people act kindly or hatefully. One additional bit of advice contains some nuance – be wary of followers and supporters who are kind only to make an appearance, and in fact are waiting to watch failure for their own enjoyment.

A minor comment is made about the value of sport to ignite unity across disparate countries. Further, internet trolls and online bullying is placed in opposition to the heroic characters.

Inhumanity: Awakening is published by Marvel Comics (3.99 USD). Matt Kindt (Writer). Paul Davidson (Artist). Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colourist). VC’s Joe Caramagna (Letterer). Cover artwork by Jorge Molina.


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