Earth 2 #23 – Comics Review

The team of heroes assembled by Green Lantern and Batman are under attack from new monsters brought from Apokolips. Red Tornado has finally reunited with Superman, and the battle for Earth 2 expands. The new Kryptonian Val Zod also expand, adding to his powers and confidence.

What Earth 2 #23 offers:

  • Fiery and energetic artwork that captures emotion and action.
  • The return of Green Lantern, and a powerful moment for Lois Lane: the new Red Tornado.
  • A theme of Guardianship – the comic shows off a key part of being a superhero: acting as a guardian.

The artwork for the ending is powerful. A silver and gold giant Warhound crashes the Batcave. Green Lantern, however, blazes back to life to rejoin the battle.

A near-atomic explosion makes for a powerful ending, and a great moment for the artwork. Lettering for this final scene punctuates the explosion, which uses giant red and white letters.

Warhound is a leviathan: a silver and gold giant. The dog crashes through the Batcave roof. The scene receives a full page. Green Lantern, Batman, Hawkgirl, and Red Arrow are dwarfed by the mighty beast.

The following pages are alive with energy. The heroes of Earth 2 fight the invaders. Panels flow through the action. It’s dramatic art.

The fiery, glowing green colouring that marks the Green Lantern’s return are also filled with energy.

Tiny emotions such as fear, shock, and hope are expertly brought to life on character’s face. Especially when there is an unexpected reunion.

Green Lantern and Batman are greatly contrasted, Val Zod is learning and expanding, and Red Tornado does not need to be rescued.

Batman and Green Lantern contrast with each other. The Batman of Earth 2 manipulates, and plays games. The team that has formed around him are chess pieces. Green Lantern builds trust, and safeguards those around him. He asks for help when he needs it. He gives orders. This contrast plays out through their costumes: the black and red against the glowing green.

The Batman is a hard character, with layers and secrets. Green Lantern holds back nothing in reserve.

Red Tornado continues to show great bravery under pressure. She does not need to be rescued. Red Tornado makes her own decisions, and it’s great to see.

Val Zod might have chose pacifism – deciding not to kill the attacking parademons, who are living creatures – however he still stands up to Superman. This story arc is called “The Kryptonian”, and if the title does refer to Val, seeing his maturity and strength gather and expand is impressive. Hawkgirl, Jimmy Olsen, Batman, and Superman are all contributing to his expansion. It’s clear he’s watching them. Val learns from everything he sees.

Alongside an action adventure story, Earth 2 #23 shows off a core part of a superhero’s role: they are guardians. A theme of guardianship is strong in this comic

The idea of older heroes and different guardian or parental figures looking out for and helping younger heroes was a key theme of the Justice Society comics of the past. There are several points in the comic where heroic characters defend or support other characters in need of help of assistance.

This is guardianship.

Superman seeks it out at one point from two key, older characters. Val protects Hawkgirl from harm, risking severe injury. Finally, Green Lanter defends both Hawkgirl and Val, and then later protects the youngest team member, Olsen, from Warhounds near-unstoppable attack.

Guardians against nightmares and monsters, or criminals and creatures, makes-up the core of what superheroes are. They are our protectors. Earth 2 presents these powerful, heroic guardians alongside a riveting action adventure comic. Earth 2 is a first class comic book from DC Entertainment.

Image file from Comic Book Resources:

Earth 2 #23 is published by DC Comics ($2.99 USD). Tom Taylor (W.) Nicola Scott (P.) Trevor Scott (I.) Pete Pantaznis (C.) Dezi Sienty (L.) Cover Artwork by Gene Ha.


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