Ms. Marvel #6 – Comic Review

When Kamala Khan started her super hero career as the new Ms.Marvel, she probably never guessed that she would receive some valuable insights from not only the leader of her mosque, but also one of her favourite heroes: the X-man, Wolverine. What Ms.Marvel #6 offers:

  • Artwork that emphasises lighter and funnier moments, with great depiction of shape shifting
  • A great comic for high school students studying heroes, and super hero, with a roundup of qualities such as self respect, courage, strength, honesty, and compassion.
  • A useful comic for classes looking at religion and the role of faith in comics.

Ms. Marvel has the ability to shapeshift – her fists grow, and she can morph into big objects: a couch for example. Deep in a gloomy and dreadful sewer, She fights a giant Alligator.

Kamala Khan disguises herself as a couch. Her face appears in the arm rest. Shapeshifting powers depicted here are clever. Kamala can shrink and grow, and also take shapes that allow her to blend in. Her main use of her talents is growing giant fists. The concepts depicted in the art make the comic light and funny despite the darker settings – Kamala tracks a villain into the sewers.

Kamala calls out “Power Attack” before she strikes out at shadow in the dark tunnels. The lettering is big, red, and punchy at this moment. The artwork also refreshes a classic urban legend: In the sewers hide giant alligators. The giant green reptiles rise out of blue water.

Kamala’s conversation with Sheik Abdullah fills the core of the book with meaning. Instead of a heavy lecture, Sheik Abdullah listens to her, and gives her meaningful advice to help take the tension within her family down a notch.

Kamala’s has no problem smashing an exploding robot, but a summoning to see the Sheik Abdullah – head of her local Mosque – has her running scared. It’s true to life: being called before some community elder of any kind is a scary prospect.

In Wolverine, Kamala finds some common ground. At least, Kamala claims they have common ground, when she loudly tells Wolverine she’s a fan, and that they are “twinsies”. Despite the first impression, Wolverine starts to show her some wisdom of a different kind – information about fighting, and mutation.

One of the characteristics of a Super Hero story is that a hero can inspire the cast around them, and the readers, to be better – to live up to big qualities and be the best version of themselves. It’s likely Ms. Marvel will begin inspiring those around her.

Sheik Abdullah listens. He is a community leader, and in that position attempts to understand Kamala, instead of reciting a lecture. He gives her wisdom:

“If you insist on doing this thing you will not tell me about, do it with the qualities befitting an upright you woman: Courage, strength, honesty, compassion, and self-respect”

It’s good wisdom for a superhero comic. One of the facets of the Super hero stories is that the central hero acts as catalyst – inspiring people to be better. To be the best version of themselves they can. It’s great to see a Ms. Marvel, which is a relatively new Marvel comic, tell a story about a young hero attempting to live up to these qualities. It’s likely Kamala will act as a catalyst, and begin inspiring both the cast surrounding her and readers.

Two popular culture references. When meeting Wolverine, Kamala describes him using the Doge Meme, saying: wow, such athletic, very claws, so amaze! Broadly speaking, Ms.Marvel’s abilities resemble those used by Pirate Captain Straw Hat Luffy from the One Piece anime and manga series.

Ms.Marvel#6 is published by Marvel Comics. ($2.99 USD). G. Willow Wilson (W.) Jacob Wyatt (A.) Ian Herring (C.) VC’s Joe Caramagna (L.) Cover Artwork by Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson.


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