Captain America #23 – Comic Review

Steve Rodgers might have aged, but his intelligence for battle strategy remains. Can he stand up to an armour clad intruder who can slip past the Avengers?

Captain America #23 offers:

  • Impressive full page artwork with a great sense of motion and space
  • Great character dialog
  • A small theme of resilience
  • A story that depicts the villain as the mirror-opposite of the hero

An intruder inside Avengers mansion wears impressive armour. The metal plates are coloured in regal purple and gold. Full page artworks show off Iron Man defending the mansion, and a team of monstrous copies of the Avengers – the “Unvengers”

The intruder inside the Avengers mansion wears impressive armour. Their costume is regal purple and gold, and coated in spikes. The action scenes where this intruder slides, jumps, and vaults past Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk show impressive grasp of space and motion.

The Falcon later flies over New York, joined by Jet Black – also showing good sense of space in the artwork. Full page artwork throughout the issue depicts Iron Man defending Avengers Mansion, and the debut of the “Unvengers”, which are monstrous imitations of the Avengers created by Zola.

The Avengers, The Falcon, and Jet Black receive some interesting Dialog. Hulk makes a great statement about smashing things.

Captain America’s supporting cast have some strong and interesting dialog – Iron Man, Hulk, Thor specifically in the opening and middle scenes of the comic have great conversation points.

Despite his age, Steve Rodgers still has a commanding presence. The villain – Zola – is silent in this issue. Zola’s influence spreads across the comic regardless. Captain America takes on a strategists role. He sends the Avengers and his allies on a mission to stop Zola.

later, Hulk in particular has a great moment about smashing, and The Falcon tells Jet Black that he refuses to be left behind.

Spoilers for Captain America #23 follow

The villain and hero mirror each other in this comic book. A reunion between two characters adds a resilience theme to the comic.

There is a major parallel draw between Captain America and Zola in this comic. The point hinges on Steve Rodger’s son, and Zola’s daughter. Both Ian and Jet Black have grown and established their own identities. When Jet Black infiltrates Zola’s massive castle, Ian attacks the Avengers Mansion in an attempt to reconnect with his Father.

The actions of Zola’s daughter and Rodger’s son mirror each other, just as the hero and villain sit at opposite ends of the a spectrum.

Zola has, in addition, made copies of Steve Rodgers friends in the Avengers. The villain, in this case, literally copies the hero.

Ian’s reunion with his father brings a theme of resilience to the comic book. Ian is dressed in hard armour, and overcomes a series of obstacles on the way to his goal. These scenes make a small statement about not giving up and staying resilient.

Captain America #23 is published by Marvel comics ($3.99 USD). Rick Remender (W.) Carlos Pacheco (P.) Mariano Taibo (I.) Dean White (C.) VC’s Joe Caramagna (L, & Production) Cover artwork by Pacheco and White.


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