Superman Doomed #2, New Avengers #24, Saga #23 – Short Comic Review

While I’m on vacation for three weeks, I’ve put together a short round up of comics published this week. I’ll return to full reviews on October 11, 2014.

Superman Doomed #2

The trust Lana and Lois place in Superman is a little inspiring to see. Even more so when they reach out to Superman – telepathically – and urge him to realise that no matter what he looks like, no matter how horrifying he might look, he is still Superman on the inside.

Appearance has nothing to do with strength, integrity, and everything Superman stands for. That’s the value here.

These scenes show excellent us of composition and positive and negative space. Panels and thought bubbles are expertly placed across action scenes. Worldwide, Superman’s friends (Baka, Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl, and Krypto) are all fighting to stop the villain Brainiac.

New Avengers #24

This comic has a story tied down in months of story telling. The science fiction concept of parallel universes plays out in this comic. The most intelligent characters in the Marvel Universe decided they could prevent incursions – events where two parallel universes collide, and only one of the twins can survive.

Unfortunately, the gathered heroes have fallen out. King Namor has fled to Dr. Doom for help, while the Black Panther’s country is under attack.

The artwork is widely varied. Strong facial expressions convey distaste, rage, fear, and other dramatic emotion.

There is a great deal of Orange and Black used in this comic. The colours wash over panels and scenes, with more violent scenes appearing in orange, and black in use for moments of conversation, drawing attention to the white speech bubbles.

Saga #23

The Truth is boring. If anything is clear in the opening pages of Saga, truth is not enough. People need enticement to believe in something. Life is complicated, but it’s also very short. Another idea appears. A scene between Izabel and Alana highlights that life is too short for petty ego fights, or sacrificing an entire relationship just to win one argument.

There’s some brilliant plot changes here and the artwork is stunning. A cliffhanger ending is a bit chilling.

What becomes more and more clear in Saga is that despite story focus largely centred on Alana and Marko, parents of the narrator, Hazel, there’s no guarantee that these two characters will remain to the end.


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