Pokemon visits Wallflyer’s hometown! Nintendo Regional Video Game Championship 2015

It’s morning here in Australia, and the Pokemon Regional Championship has started its journey. Brisbane is the first place Nintendo is stopping on its regional journey. Up next is Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Auckland, and Adelaide.

The Tournament

The big change, which the MC hosting the event is speaking about as I write this post, is this is the first time that Nintendo is using the Swiss Pairings System, which is more complex than past tournaments.

In this system, each player has a rank or score based on their past record of wins and losses.

Every round in the tournament pairs together players with similar scores. This way, each round of the tournament has the most successful players squaring off against each other, with competition becoming more distinct as the more successful players are matched up. What’s different, compared to elimination systems, is that each player battles each round until the finals:

The last round has the most successful players of the day battling against each other.

The Big Screen

Nintendo representatives will chosen two players at random to battle on the big screen. At the top of the room, battles held up on the stage will definitely be an exciting event each round.

The crowd reaction when the MC announced the big screen events was a wave of anticipation and louder, fast conversation.

Live Tweet

I’ll be live tweeting for some of the tournament online: @wallflyerwriter on twitter.com

Also look out for my review of Saga #27 later today.


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