Star Wars #4 – Comic Review

The search for information on Ben Kenobi begins as Luke’s frustration at his lack of progress boils over. Will Darth Vader find all of Kenobi’s secrets on Tatooine before Luke can get there?

This review contains minor character spoilers

At each scene transition, an establishing shot shows a long range view of each location consistently. Jabba the Hutt is an expressive character, whereas Vader shows no emotion – not even in body language.

Artwork indicates each scene transition with an establishing, long range image of the landscape, hanger, or Hutt Palace the characters are inside. It’s worth noting since this art choice appears consistently throughout the comic. Jabba the Hutt is a terrible creature, and the crime lord’s wide face give the artwork allowance to have the Hutt pull scheming and sly facial expressions. In contrast, Darth Vader’s body language reveals nothing, even as he stands watching the Dune Sea of Tatooine where he grew up.

Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader contrast in this comic – each has a different work ethic. Luke’s frustration at his slow Jedi development simmers, and Vader wastes time with Jabba the Hutt.

It’s interesting to see Luke Skywalker’s character develop and push through these obstacles. His character arc also offers an insight into the question of how Luke gained additional Jedi skills after Ben Kenobi disappeared fighting Darth Vader on the first Death Star (The events of A New Hope).

The look on Luke’s face when he fails another test of his fledgling Jedi skills simmers. His anger is clear. Smarting at another loss – in the face of the overwhelming power of Darth Vader and the Empire – Luke makes a decision that could turn out to be rash and problematic. He decides to fly back to Tatooine.

Leia decides that keeping pressure on the Empire after their crush loss is the only way to make sure the Rebel alliance continues a rise to power. The leaders of the Alliance insist that they cannot physically and financially keep up the pace of attack after attack that Leia wants.

In contrast Darth Vader wastes time with Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine. He repeatedly tells the Hutt crime lord to conform and consent to the Empire’s power. Oddly, he accepts the Hutt’s offer of riding the Sail Barge across the Dune seas.

Between the three Skywalkers, there is an interesting contrast between hard work and laziness. Affected by the atmosphere around Jabba, Darth Vader makes only a cursory effort to continue the fight against the rebels. Leia and Luke, however, are motivated to continue the attac on the Empire.

Work ethic emerges as a theme, while the larger plot point plays out – the search for information on Ben Kenobi

The work ethic themes brought out by the Skywalkers attitudes and behaviours add some interesting ideas here. delving into the story of the Star Wars universe, this comic builds up characters and settings that take place between films.

The search for information on Ben Kenobi also emerges as a key plot point. Vader, Luke, and Bobba Fett are all out hunting for any information they can find on the veteran general. Luke has the advantage. Despite being offworld, it’s likely Luke will have some kind of vision, or new direction as he approaches his desert homeworld.

Star Wars #4 is published by Marvel Comics ($3.99 USD) Jason Aaron (W.) John Cassaday (A.) Laura Martin (C.) Chris Eliopoulos (L.). Cover artwork by Cassady and Martin.


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