Free Comic Book Day – Comic Review

I picked up just five of the comics on offer today, and here are some insights into what each comic offered:

Doctor Who – Titan Comics

With three different, self-contained stories, Doctor Who by Titan comics entertains and shows off the characters from the long-running show. Voices can be difficult to adapt from a television show to print, however the Doctors sounds as the actors portray them on screen. Several new companions bring interesting new stories to life.

Secret Wars #0 – Marvel Comics

A surprisingly short story introducing the approaching Secret Wars event provides a small insight into how the FF – Future Foundation – created by the Fantasic Four are handling the end of the world. The comic switches gear, however, and prints some of the Attack on Titan and Avengers crossover event comic in the later pages.

Pokemon – Perfect Square

Publishing the initial few pages of the Pokemon Manga, which pull together plot points from the Pokemon gam franchise, and weave them into a heavier narrative, the large scale pages bring out the strong artwork offered here. There are samples from several stories: Emerald, X & Y, and Black 7 White.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Viz Media

A second manga title, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure appears to draw on the history of the United kingdom to tell a “battle” themed story. With detailed artwork, featuring heavy inks, the manga chapter shows several characters, including JoJo, fighting against a man who can freeze water in the air, and summon zombies. The comic also shows a duel from the card game manga Yu-Gi-Oh between Yugi and Seto Kaiba. Duel Monsters has two players playing a game of cards, summoning stronger monsters until a winner overcomes the opponent with their strategy.

Dark Circle Comics – Archie Comics Imprint

Assembling three new heroes, the imprint of Archie Comics has The Black Hood, The Fox, and The Shield – three new heroes – starting their adventures as urban warriors, facing threats such as an invisible medusa-like woman. Concept art of new character The Shield is promising.


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