Earth 2: Society #2

Top 5 Moments in Earth 2: Society #2

  • The unexpected return of Wesley Dodds and the Sandmen, giving their teleporting skills to help protect the survivors of Earth 2 from a new villain.
  • An attack on TSS Overwatch one: Terry Sloan, Sonia Sato, and Wesley Dodds escape the ships own defense systems, which fires bright, burning lasers and tries to self-destruct with the team still inside.
  • The Batman of Earth 2 – Dick Grayson in a yellow and purple batsuit – recruits cyborg bats to help him scan a network of tunnels.
  • The Flash, Huntress, Red Arrow, Mr.Terrific, and Jimmy Olsen, heroes from Earth 2, are back to protect the fledgling society.
  • Artwork of each ship in Earth 2’s flotilla of spaceships landing on their new planet shows off how each hero savrd their people from crashing, guiding the ships from the atmosphere to the surface.

The conflict between Terry Sloan and Batman – Dick Grayson – makes up the core of this comic book.

Terry Sloan versus Batman plays out as the key conflict. Batman believes Sloan crashed the flotilla deliberately. Sloan knows a new metahuman working in secret caused the crash. Without evidence, Batman pursues Sloan. Arresting this man for his crime occupies Batman’s attitude and thoughts completely.  Earth 2: Society #2 revolves around this core storytelling point.

Huntress is motivated to save an item stolen from Wayne Enterprises. She has lost her father – Bruce Wayne – and her old planet. She wants to reclaim her lost home.

Sloan stole a valuable piece of Wayne Enterprises technology. Huntress wants it back. She’s the last living Wayne. It’s a box that has enough power to terraform a planet, but to her, it’s a part of her identity. Any piece of her past is valuable. She left Earth 2 after losing her father when Darkseid launched a final attack. This story was told in Huntress and Power Girl. Her desire to rebuild a life back home is strong and sharp from these repeated losses.

Terry Sloan has good intentions in trying to rebuild Earth 2 instantly. But what about the life that currently lives on the new planet they found? Sloan’s actions brings out this line of questioning: what happens to the current culture of a world once a new culture builds a colony?

Sloan plans to wipe out this new world they have found using the terraforming box. It can copy all life from one planet, and rebuild that copy on a new planet. Instantly, Sloan can rebuild Earth 2. There’s a brief message in all this action. The Earth 2 survivors have come to a new world. Colonization is their goal. What happens to the preexisting life on this new world? The comic poses this question through Sloan’s actions. He modifies J Robert Oppenheimer’s words, saying “I have become life, builder of worlds”.

Earth 2: Society #2 is published by DC Comics. Writer – Daniel H Wilson. Artist – Jorge Jiminez. Colourists – John Rauch and Andrew Dalhouse. Letterer – Travis Lanham. ($2.99 USD) Published July 8 2015.


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