Wallflyer update – New Directions, Changes, and Hiatus

It occurred to me that while writing weekly reviews for Wallflyer, it had been more than a year since writing an editorial, investigating a popular culture point. I have not reviewed a film since Star Trek: Into Darkness was released. I have also not taken the time to introduce myself. Wallflyer posts emerge from Wallflyer.wordpress.com without any clear sign of the author. This is not such a great position to be in for building an author platform that claims to be about stepping up and having a strong voice. A voice needs to come from somewhere distinct, or it’s just more sound.

While writing weekly reviews of comics, moving from Marvel, DC entertainment, Image, Vertigo, and Darkhorse, I have kept a schedule of information, insight, and understanding of comics published.

I recently shifted gear, and for the past fortnight, I have written reviews differently, focusing on lists of top 5 or 6 insights into the comics, with some discussion following.

What I need, however, is not just a different style of review writing. I need a new direction, and I need to make some changes to the blog. For that, I need a hiatus. Time to decide on what content to write about. Purpose and insight are important, and I need to sharpen and review the blog’s purpose.

I am very grateful for the blogging community who read my reviews each week. And I’m sorry to have to step away for a while. Time to figure out a new strategy as my life changes, as my commitments change, is something that I need to keep moving forward. This is a pause, but when I’m back from that pause, and all things working out, I’ll have a stronger, informative, and insightful blog platform.


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