Finding the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sun and Moon with the ability Pickup

There are two methods to finding the Destiny Knot in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

  • Saving up 48 Battle Points and buying it from the Battle Royal
  • Raising a Lilipup or Alolan Meowth with the Pickup ability, and battling and knocking out Pokemon until the Lilipup or Alolan Meowth collects the knot with a 10% chance they will find one item from a possible choice of over 24 items.

After I gathered enough Battle points from the Battle Tree and Battle Royal I decided to test out finding a Destiny Knot using Pokemon with the ability Pickup. The resulting shenanigans netted a selection of items, none of them a Destiny Knot.

For me, in my copy of Pokemon Moon, the ability Pickup was unreliable and chaotic. I have the data to prove it.

The test conditions:

    • I played for almost 2 and a half hours across three consecutive days
    • I started with a team of 4 Pokemon with the pickup ability
    • The team started on level 7 – 9, and eventually reached level 43 – 50
    • I added a fifth Pokemon the second day, which meant I had a lower level Pickup Pokemon for about half an hour before it caught up to the other party members


I found a lot of useful and some rare items, but the overall results? No Destiny Knot emerged from using a team of Pokemon with the ability Pickup.


This matches the pattern described on on the Pickup Ability in Pokemon Sun and Moon:

“all items [are] available at once, but with the likelihood of rarer items increasing as you level up.”

One mistake I made was venturing out with a 5 Pickup Pokemon and a sixth to knock out opponents – this allowed me to pursue other adventures, however, like completing the Pokedex. If you’re a trainer, what method do you prefer?


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