Nintendo Switch Presentation set for January 13, 2017.

Next Friday, January 13, Nintendo will broadcast a live presentation for the new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo plans to present the console launch date, and the games lined-up for initial release.

Viewers can watch the stream from several places online:

The time that the presentation broadcasts begins differs by timezone, however the team at Nintendo news website Vooks have prepared lists of times when the Nintendo stream will start based on worldwide locations.

Their guide is primarily built for Australian gamers, but also includes international start times. Depending on where and where you are based, the presentation potentially clashes with the Games Done Quick charity speed running livestream (Januray 8 – 15).

The full GDQ schedule is available on the GDQ website.

On games for the Nintendo Switch, previously Playstation  4 exclusive game Rime will be published on the Nintendo Switch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, however, set to release on March 17 (US) and March 23 (EU) this week, will not receive a port to Nintendo’s new console in the near future.

Producer Michael Gamble stated in an interview at Stevivor that while there are no plans, they don’t want to completely close the door on the possibility. Depending on community support, “If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect,” (Gamble) a Nintendo Switch release is possible.

Will you be watching the Nintendo broadcast? What are you looking forward to for Nintendo’s new console?





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