Jigglypuff Amiibo Toy Photography and Pokemon Fan Fiction

Just before New Year, I decided to test my photo skills with toy photography of my Jigglypuff amiibo. Searching for some scaled down grass tufts, and a specific rocky garden wall that could resemble Mount Moon, was not too difficult. Not having a professional set, or the facts on how to scale down for toy photograph, I’m unsure of the overall quality. Regardless, I think I’ve captured Jigglypuff’s Kanto habitat.

Inspired by Pokemon Sun and Moon’s character arc, and the photography, I thought of a short story and fan fiction set after the main events of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

If you’re not into fan fiction, that’s okay, please enjoy the photos. For others interested, please read on. Spoilers for the Pokemon Sun and Moon character arcs to follow.

December 30, 2016.

Pokemon News Press – Ume Region.

Kanto, Route 3. East of Pewter City.

With just 24 hours before the New Year, and only 8 hours until my plane back home was set to depart, I made one last attempt at venturing out to snap a photo of the round Pokemon Jigglypuff. Some experts say that this Pokemon resembles a Voltorb viewed from the front. Since we don’t see very many Kanto Pokemon in the Ume Region, aside from Kangaskhan and Cubone, I had to ask  my editor.

“But, what’s a Voltorb look like again?”.

“It’s like a Magnemite, but without the magnets and screws. And bright red.”

I didn’t ask what a Magnemite was. I had a vague idea of round shapes as a I went out on the hunt.

I had  climbed up the foothills of Mount Moon when she crossed my path. A confident looking young woman walked by. She was dressed entirely in white, save for a rose coloured backpack that looked expensive, like something that might be for sale in the Kalos Region. It was simple, cut in a rucksack style, but the quality of the fabric was clear.

I turned back to my work. I had spotted some Spearow far away from the road, flying away from Mount Moon, which loomed large nearby. The shutter clicked. I snapped several photos, as the little red, brown, and black birds disappeared in the direction of Cerulean city.

“Excuse me, did you just take my photo?”

I heard a voice. Confident. Incredulous. I turned back around, and she was standing there, hands on her hips.

“No, I’m taking photos of some Spearow. Here let me show you.”
I nudged the gallery button, and held up the screen for her to see. She walked over, and looked down at the screen. Nodding, she and stood up again.

“I thought you were maybe the bad kind of photographer”

“No not me. I’m a photographer for the Pokemon News Press in the Ume region.”


“The Ume region is a long way south of Kanto. You need to ride a plane, even past the Sevii islands.”

“Ooh, that’s a long way, but it’s worth a long journey if you can discover more about yourself. I arrived here from the Alola region just recently.”

“Alola? You know about Komala then!”

“Yes! One of my best friends is raising a Komala!”

We caught up over Pokemon common to both our regions. Eventually, we got to talking about Jigglypuff.

“I’m looking for one, and I’m going to add one to my team.”

“Well I’m going to photograph one.”

“Let’s go then!”

She sounded so bright and confident. I wondered for a second if she was always this energetic. Eventually, walking further toward the mountain, My neck prickled. We were being watched. I looked up, aiming my camera up at the edge of Mount Moon, just over a small patch of grass. I nudged the shutter. This was my first Jigglypuff photo.

“I’m going up there to catch that Jigglypuff. Thanks so much, good to meet you!”

“Okay. Good luck! Bye!”

And she was gone, just over the ridge. I waited, sitting quietly in the grass. With the sun just starting to turn the day into lazy, gold afternoon, I saw a Jigglypuff. It was bouncing happily through the grass. This was my second photo, something that I could publish at last.


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