Kingdom Hearts Memorial Stained Glass Clocks

The Kingdom Hearts game franchise from Square Enix and Disney has reached fifteen years. Marking that milestone, a commemorative Memorial Stained Glass Clock exhibition is on display in Tokyo’s Shinjuku station. The Exhibition runs from January 9th to the 21st.

The clock, which is one large glass artwork, orbited by a series of smaller clock faces, memorialises the cast of the games, featuring Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Rion, Roxas, and several new and old characters.

Geek and Sundry’s gallery of each individual artwork shows off the glass renditions. There’s almost something ceremonial about these images. They reflect the deep connections between the characters, which Kingdom Hearts is know for.

Square Enix have also created an website where you can watch a digital reconstruction of the clock in action – be prepared for sound and loading times based on your connection – Here’s a few more of the images from the Square Enix:


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