Art from Queer Content for the MELT Festival, Brisbane

queercontentcomix: “ Day 2 of watercolour hell: we’re ready for a background. > This baby’s for this year’s MELT Festival, where I’ll be showing some comic work with a whole bunch of people (who haven’t been revealed to me yet) at Powerhouse...

Brisbane celebrates queer culture with the annual MELT Festival, which brings together cabaret, art exhibitions, and comedy. The Brisbane Powerhouse expressed the best summary of the festival core message:

“Brisbane’s LGBTI+ voice is loud and clear, bursting with pride, humour, humanity, and rebellion. The community is bounding towards equality in many vital aspects of life and MELT is a vehicle for these leaps.”
Brisbane Powerhouse

Queer Content is a Brisbane based Zine and blog that collects diverse and powerful content that celebrates the diversity.

They also feature original artwork, created by writer and artist Wolfram-Jaymes VonKeesing. Their entry for Melt festival captures the diversity and punk side of the queer community, alongside the jovial, Australia culture, expressed through the native Lorikeet and Galah birds.

You can find more Queer Content on their tumblr blog page, and Etsy store.

Queer Content is running a crowdfunding campaign for travel to the Festival of the Photocopier in Melbourne, Australia. If you’d like to support an independent artist, their YouCaring page has more information.


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