The Field Guide to Evil offers a crowdfunding return on investment

Fear is a fundamental human emotion that translates across culture. Tim League, CEO and founder of the Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain, launched a new Indiegogo and MicroVentures campaign for a Horror film anthology from Drafthouse Films that could offer a return on investment for supporters. Arguing the benefits and monetary success of horror films in the cinema market, League and his team want to compel as many crowdfunding investors as possible.

The film, entitled The Field Guide to Evil, also remarks on the talent they have recruited for the project. Filmmakers and editors behind projects such as The ABCs of DeathTurbo KidThe Greasy Strangler, and A Field in England will direct and edit short films for the project. Each film aims to explore something fundamentally fearful.

They aim to explore myth, lore, and folklore. Fans of the Lore podcast created by Aaron Mahnke will definitely find something to delve into here.

Investor documents are available online at the Alamo Films MicroVentures page.
For more information on Aaron Mahnke’s work, their website has a book list and podcast summary.


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