Marvel and Square Enix have a new Avengers Game

“The world will always need heroes…they just need to reassemble.”

– Unknown, Marvel and Square Enix’s trailer for their new game: The Avengers Project.

Announced today at 7:00am PST, Marvel and Square Enix will produce a new game, alongside development teams Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics. I have some speculations on the cast of heroes referenced in the trailer.

The trailer reference several of Marvel’s most remarkable heroes, with Hawkeye, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man called-out.

It is not clear if these heroes will reflect the current state of Marvel’s comics – with Kate Bishop actively using the Hawkeye name, Sam Wilson using the Captain America title with the round shield, and Amadeus Cho as the (Totally Awesome) Hulk.

It’s likely that the characters will reflect Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Polygon reported that unlike the film and television productions, Marvel retains the right to character casts like the X-Men and the Fantastic Four in game media. However, it is more likely Spider-man might appear alongside the Avengers that the Fantastic Four or X-Men.

The announcement trailer is available on the Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel.


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