Persona 3 and Persona 4 time management

Having completed Persona 3 Portable, and playing Persona 4 Golden, one of the messages the game delivers is time management.

The persona games have something to say on time management, and this post covers some time management strategies, both for the games, and for real life, inspired by my play-through of Persona 3 Portable, and Persona 4 Golden.

The games provides a calendar, and gives indication of when events are happening so you can plan ahead.

While it is just a simulacrum – a poor copy – of daily life, it demonstrates that time management is essential to planning life events, for building relationships, for pursing interests, and for living a full life. I wrote down a small version of the in game calendar to plan out the protagonist’s life events. Keeping a Journal is one useful time management tool that added to the gameplay.

In Role Playing Games (RPGs) jotting down notes or keeping a journal can help handle the constant stream of information. In real life, journal systems like a Bullet Journal can help keep track of real world information.

In a Bullet Journal, the writer catalogues incoming events, and plans for future events – meeting up with friends as events, or take notes on where and when cooking classes are taking place, for example.

In Persona games, the protagonist can plan one event each day, and then returns home, with only a bit more time free at night. You cannot continue meeting friends to advance social links in one day. This has relevance to real life – don’t exhaust yourself.

Some time management advice I heard before is to plan one major event a day, and limit yourself to that. In my own life, this can help, particularly if I’m feeling tired from other events, or need some time to pursue my own interests. A similar pattern appeared in the persona games.

Each day has enough time for school, time with friends, and one activity or event at night – part time jobs, exploring a dungeon, meeting a friend who is busy during the day, or maybe walking Koromaru, the white Shiba Inu.

The Persona games encourage leading a full life around saving the world from the Dark Hour or the Midnight Channel. This echoes real life relationship advice.

Readers who often read gaming websites like Kotaku, or read a large website like io9, might be familiar with Doctor Nerdlove. One of the prevailing relationship advice Doctor Nerdlove recommends is living a full and active life.

Time management is a part of this. The Persona games encourage the player to try new experience and meet new people. Even in the country town of Inaba, there is a lot to explore. All these experiences add to an active, and interesting life.

Bullet Journal information can be found at the Bullet Journal website.

Dr. Nerdlove’s advice can be found on their website.



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