Yuri on Ice Nendoroid – Yuri Katsuki

Reporting on the GoodSmile blog – the english translation – writer and blogger Kahotan describes the new Yuri on Ice Nendoroid figure as perfectly capturing Yuri Katsuki’s personality. Particularly the hair sculpt, and Katsuki’s smile, which embraces the nervousness of the character, and the romance of the anime.

Nendoroid figures are toys with multiple points of articulation, and highly detailed, hand painted craftwork, which is used to complete the characters expressive faces, and colourful costume and hair.

Kahotan’s blog shows off a complete gallery of the new Nendoroid.

Here’s one photo of Katsuki’s confident, figure skating pose and expression:



2 thoughts on “Yuri on Ice Nendoroid – Yuri Katsuki

  1. Nendoroid figures on average capture the most cute side of a character, but in Katsuki’s case, it is just adorable, I agree.

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