Transfer older Pokemon to Sun and Moon Version – Returning Victreebel to the Jungle

Playing Red Version on 3DS, I was re-reading old Pokedex entries. I think Victreebel’s entry is evocative:

“Said to live in huge colonies deep in jungles, although no one has ever returned from there.”

I have so many questions on this Pokemon lore. How did anyone report on these
colonies if no one returns? Are Victreebel dangerous to humans invading their territory?

Regardless, while Victeebel appears in the Kanto region, Kanto has no Jungle
setting. Kanto has grassland and forest where Bellsprout and Weepinbell reside, but no deep jungle. Since Pokemon Moon version has a jungle on Akala Island – called Lush Jungle – I decided to bring a Victreebel from the old Pokemon games, re-released on 3DS virtual console, to Pokemon Moon version.

This is a ‘How-to’ set of directions. You need Pokemon Bank access to complete the transfer. Be aware that Pokemon Bank is a paid service:

  1. Move the target Pokemon to Box 1 on the old Pokemon game.
  2. Download the PokeTransporter app for the 3DS If you have not done so already.
    • Log into the app with your Nintendo Network ID.
    • Select the old Pokemon game you wish to transfer from.
    • The PokeTransporter App will load a screen with Box 1 from the old game. Confirm that you wish to complete the transfer. Note that once a Pokemon is transferred to Sun and Moon, it cannot be sent back to the game of origin.
  3.  log into Pokemon Bank. The default location for old Pokemon transferred to Pokemon Bank is the transfer box.
  4. Select the old Pokemon, and add it to a box in your version of Pokemon Sun or Moon.

After completing these steps, I added Victreebel to my party in Pokemon Moon, and took a ride to the Lush Jungle on Akala Island, returning Victreebel to a jungle setting.

The Pokemon Bank website has more information on transferring old Pokemon to Sun and Moon versions.


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