DC Comics imprint Young Animal to publish Bug! The Adventures of Forager

Calling out to Comics foundational creator Jack Kirby – on the 100 year anniversary of Kirby’s birthday – Forager Bug arrives under the DC comics imprint Young Animal. Bug! The Adventures of Forager is a six issue mini-seres set to debut on May 10, 2017. The creative team stepping up for the project are Michael, Lee, and Laura Allred. I’m looking forward to the colouring, and universe exploration settings, following the creative team’s work on Silver Surfer for Marvel comics.

On the origin of their interest in the character, Lee Allred says:

“Ever since Mike and I read a battered copy of NEW GODS #9 in the waiting room before guitar lessons, we’ve loved Forager the Bug..A kinetic action hero on one hand, an alienated, introspective youth on the other—he’s the quintessential Young Animal character.” -Lee Allred, DC comics interview.

For more information on the character, DC comics has a Media Release. And Comics Alliance has a history of the character.


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