Toy photography and merchandise photography from WhimsyCalling

WhimsyCalling is a source of whimsical creatures. At WhimsyCalling, artist Dayna Corbitt creates a variety of mythical, and whimsical, monsters and creatures.

This week, I noticed Corbitt posted a short description of how they photograph their merchandise on Instagram. The setup Corbitt has put together would work well for toy photography, and gives an insight into how to photograph sculptures, toys, and merchandise as an independent artist. A useful post for anyone interested in toy photography and merchandise photography.

I know this pic isn’t very exciting, but it is for me. I’ve been struggling with my photography setup for EVER. I finally bought a flexible tripod and decided to throw in a $12 lazy Susan. So the base is a marble slab from Home Depot that sits on a lazy Susan, which I can spin to my desired angle. The backdrop is simply a cardboard display, which is foldable and easily stored. The white also reflects sunlight. I always use natural light for my photos and brighten them up a bit in photoshop. #photography #solutions #merchandisephotography #dorkyexcitement #flexpod

A post shared by Dayna Corbitt (@whimsycalling) on Feb 23, 2017 at 3:36pm PST

You can purchase a creation from the WhimsyCalling Etsy store, or follow Corbitt to see more creatures on Instagram.


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