Three New Urban Fantasy Novels

This post is a short list of three new urban fantasy novels set to be released in march 2017.


Seanan McGuire writes the InCryptid novels, a series of Urban Fantasy books centered around a family of cryptozoologist who keep the world safe from strange monsters The sixth book in the series, Magic for Nothing, is set to be released on March 7, 2017. You can find all of McGuire’s books on their Amazon Author profile.


Emma Newman has a new novel available called Brother’s Ruin, set to be released on March 14, 2017. The novel is a Steampunk (gaslamp) Urban Fantasy, where magically gifted children are bought and sold by Elite members of the Royal Society of Esoteric Arts. Charlotte Gun and her brother Benjamin use their magical skills to keep their family together while under scrutiny from the Royal Society. Emma Newman is the author behind the Split Worlds fantasy series. You can find out more about Newman on their Amazon Author Profile.


A new Urban Fantsy novel from Tim Lebbon is alled Relics. The novel concerns the investigations of criminology student Angela Gough, who is navigating the black market trade in arcane and Gothic objects and animals while searching for her missing fiancĂ© Vince. This is the start of a new trilogy of urban fantsy novels. Relics will be released on March 21, 2017. Tim Lebbon maintains an author website, which has more details on Lebbon’s books and writing.

These three books stood out as interesting, adding a new point of view into the fantasy genre. I’ll attempt to review at least one of these as a future update.


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