Taika Waititi, Marvel, and Entertainment Weekly Present Thor: Ragnarok photos

Spoiler Warning: For those avoiding Marvel Studios spoilers, this post shares quotes from the film’s director, and photos of the cast.

Alongside a set of new Thor:Ragnarok photos, Entertainment Weekly published an interview with key cast members of the new Marvel Studios film, and director Taika Waititi. On the more comedic direction of the film, Waititi says:

“I think sometimes people mistake a tonal shift as ‘We’re just going to make some ridiculous broad comedy where no one gives a s— what happens and everyone gets stoned and sits around talking about saving the universe,’ ” Waititi says. “We want people to care what happens and care that the hero succeeds. I think tonally it’s like a slight shift. I don’t feel nervous — I feel good about it.” Taika Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok, published in Entertainment Weekly, March 8, 2017

Inviting the audience to care instead of feeling alienated is a challenge. Comedy often has a way of reaching audiences, however, cutting through tension, and managing the emotions of a scene.

On another note, the costuming alone looks impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing Jeff Goldblum in motion dressed in the fancy red, blue, and gold Grandmaster costume. Also, I’d like to take a moment in memory and respect of Thor’s long hair, which is now gone. Thor: Ragnarok is set for a November 3, 2017 US release date.


2 thoughts on “Taika Waititi, Marvel, and Entertainment Weekly Present Thor: Ragnarok photos

  1. Great to see Thor Ragnarock feature on the cover of this issue. Its a great new look for Thor and awesome to see other characters showcased as well, looking forward to the move even more now 🙂

    • I’m excited to see it! It’s a long wait til the end of the year, but we have Guardians Vol. 2, Spider-man, and Wonder Woman to look forward to before then as well.

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