MIT admissions video captures Marvel’s new Iron (woman) man Iron Heart

I had a myriad of questions after watching the video, but nothing that couldn’t be answered with research later. However, I did quickly find a blog post by Mechanical Engineering and Robotics student and blogger Salem G, which describes all the behind the scenes work the team powered through to produce such a stunning video.

In the short video new Ironman – or Ironwoman, using the code name Ironheart – 15 year old Riri Williams, formulates and fabricates a new suit of armour, before collecting a metal tube. Contained within are admission letters for new MIT students. Delivering an admission letter from the world’s highest ranked University is a heroic act indeed. Hermes was the messenger of the Greek gods, and was renamed Mercury when admitted to the ancient Roman pantheon. Is there a pattern here? Mythological messengers with metallic names make deliveries? The behind the scenes blog post can be found on the MIT admissions blog page.


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