Screenwriting advice that The Batman script rumour made clear – scripts need good endings.

Some rumours about the film, The Batman, from Warner Bros. and DC entertainment turned up online today in a Forbes article by writer and screenwriter Mark Hughes. The essence of the rumour can be distilled to this: the script for The Batman will be discarded and rewritten. The rumour was later thrown out as completely false. Regardless, the grain of information existing behind all this is screenwriting remains important. This post is a short summary of screenwriting advice from John August and Craig Mazin, from an article by screenwriter Christoper Boone.

Screenwriting is a priority to Super-hero films. The script needs to condense backstory, super abilities, and a supporting cast. Cement these features with witty dialog, and the script might work out. At least, that is how the process looks from the outside.

One of the key reasons to have a script is to show a character moving from one place in their life to (here’s hoping) a better place.

Following the advice of Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin of the Scriptnotes podcast (reported by Christoper Boone at, screenplays must build to a solid ending.

If you think about any movie that you see in the theater, hopefully you’re enjoying how it starts, hopefully you’re enjoying how the ride goes along, but your real impression of the movie was how it ended. – John August, Scriptnotes podcast.

Other Screenwriting advice the pair spoke on:

  • Characters must achieve something important by the end of the film that they wanted, or were not aware that they needed.
  • Endings capture something about the beginning of the film – the structures reflect each other.
  • Reviewing, and re-editing the last pages of the script are just as important as making sure the opening grabs the audience.

You can read the report on the podcast at Mark Hugh’s article is available at


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  1. Tyop: “where not aware”

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