What I learned watching the Twitch Power Rangers stream

Streaming website Twitch started streaming every single season of Saban’s Power Rangers, and I decided to watch the stream to get a sense of how the fans of Power Rangers reacted to the stream. This post is a short report on what I noticed. The place I arrived at in the stream specifically focused on the Power Rangers Turbo series. I was on the lookout for how long-term fans of the series reacted to the stream.

The younger, Blue Ranger Justin is not popular, inciting a lot of negative comments in the chat

At 12 years of age, the character was the youngest Ranger to join a team. It is possible that in 1997, to ensure the show continued to attract a fanbase, Saban Entertainment included Justin to link directly to the target age demographic. Throughout the stream, though, whenever Justin instigated a plot point, was the focus of a scene, or had a comment to share, the twitch stream reacted with demands that the actor stop talking (which is a overtly kind way to talk about exactly what was said in the Twitch chat).

The original Might Morphin Power Rangers were sorely missed by many in the chat

Power Rangers inherits the generational aspects of the show from which it recruited footage. In Japan, the Super Sentai are generational. They constantly change their cast. Power Rangers shares this trait, recycling and recruiting footage from the Super Sentai series. The direct consequence of this? Every group of fans have their own team that they look back to with nostalgia. It is no surprise that the original and most well know team were sorely missed in the stream chat. A comment that was copied and re-posted in the chat commiserated over the loss of the original cast of characters from the first Might Morphin Power Rangers. They really did miss them:

Despite the variety of monsters, nobody talks about the villains in detail

The Power Rangers follows a pattern, particularly in the early series. The villain creates a new monster, and sends it after the Power Rangers. The fight escalates into what a weekly Robot versus Kaiju (Giant Monster) fight. The weekly monsters and the arch villains did not attract many mentions in the chat. The formulaic monster fights can make villains unremarkable, and nonthreatening. We have a parade of forgettable antagonists.

Everyone sings, or types, the theme song lyrics

Without its repeated rock anthems, Power Rangers would have had far less impact. Since 1993, the Power Rangers theme (with the lyrics “Go Go Power Rangerrrrs!”) appears instantly recognisable. Even in the later series, such as Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, the chat still typed along to the theme songs. They are an important touchstone to Power Rangers fans.

If you watched the stream, what moments stood out as important to you? The Twitch Power Rangers stream can be found on the Twitch Presents channel. The stream is planned to run from March 15 through March 30.


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