Final Fantasy Distant Worlds 30th Anniversary tour announced

The Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds Orchestral performance began in 2007 for the 20th anniversary of the Final Fantasy game franchise. This year marks the 30th anniversary, and a new concert tour is about to begin.

The concert is a multi-media experience, and Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu has been announced as a special guest. Conductor and composer Arnie Roth will return as conductor for the Distant Worlds Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus.

Distant Worlds starts in Sydney, Australia on July 1. It then continues into North America, Europe, and Asia, before visiting Tokyo and Osaka in December.

Those interested can also vote for the music they would like to see and experience at the event.

The Distant Worlds website has more information on the new Distant Worlds tour.


Nintendo Switch Presentation set for January 13, 2017.

Next Friday, January 13, Nintendo will broadcast a live presentation for the new Nintendo Switch. Nintendo plans to present the console launch date, and the games lined-up for initial release.

Viewers can watch the stream from several places online:

The time that the presentation broadcasts begins differs by timezone, however the team at Nintendo news website Vooks have prepared lists of times when the Nintendo stream will start based on worldwide locations.

Their guide is primarily built for Australian gamers, but also includes international start times. Depending on where and where you are based, the presentation potentially clashes with the Games Done Quick charity speed running livestream (Januray 8 – 15).

The full GDQ schedule is available on the GDQ website.

On games for the Nintendo Switch, previously Playstation  4 exclusive game Rime will be published on the Nintendo Switch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, however, set to release on March 17 (US) and March 23 (EU) this week, will not receive a port to Nintendo’s new console in the near future.

Producer Michael Gamble stated in an interview at Stevivor that while there are no plans, they don’t want to completely close the door on the possibility. Depending on community support, “If the Switch launches and everyone’s just yammering for Mass Effect,” (Gamble) a Nintendo Switch release is possible.

Will you be watching the Nintendo broadcast? What are you looking forward to for Nintendo’s new console?




Tropes and Television at the Brisbane Writers Festival, 2016

Tropes are broad literary motifs and symbols, but they can also refer to ongoing and recognisable cliches and patterns that readers and other audiences can pick up on and,  possibly, glean an idea of where a story is going, or how a character arc might resolve.

Trope patterns might explicitly outline what to expect in a story. A man in a dark coat obscured in shadow means mystery and danger. The colour red invoked passion, particularly when it’s the colour of a long, evening gown. These two examples are the Trenchcoat brigade or Lady in Red respectively.

Some Tropes don’t describe specific character design, but instead build narrative, or form a coherent and believable world. When subverted, the surprise can be enough to make a story or character resonate in pop-culture.

A generation growing up with television programs is one of the reasons why tropes and television are important to look into.

The event coordinators at the Brisbane Writers Festival in 2016 are aware of this significant change in culture as a younger generation comes of age.

On Sunday, September 11 2016, the festival scheduled held a discussion as a part of their program; Everything I Know, I Learned From Television.

Master of Ceremonies Sophie Overett asked the three speakers to name examples of several pop-culture tropes.

Here’s what Alexei Sayle (Actor in Indiana Jones and the last crusade, author of Barcelona Plates), Caroline Kepnes (Author of Hidden Bodies and You), and Mark Fennel (SBS program The Feed, author of Planet According to the Movies) had to say on each point.

Going by numbers, Caroline is one, Mark two, and Alexei number three:

  • Evil is Sexy
    1. Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills: 90210
    2. Heather Locklear’s entire career
    3. Lord Petyr Baelish from A Game of Thrones
  • Forgotten Accent
    1. Ewan McGregor in any film not set in Scotland
    2. Any non-Bostonian attempting a Boston accent
  • The Unwitting Instigator of Doom
    1. Homer Jay Simpson of The Simpsons (The panel agreed unanimously)
  • Shouldn’t We Be In School  Right Now?
    1. The Cast of 7th Heaven
    2. The Cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    3. The Cast of Twilight
  • Hands-Off Parenting
    1. Roseanne from the Sitcom of the same name (another complete agreement across the panel)
  • No Fourth Wall
    1. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City
    2. The voices and animation of Family Guy
    3. Ferris Bueller from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    4. Honourable mention – Snowy the Dog from The Adventures of Tin Tin.
  • A Very Special Episode
    1. Episodes of Saved by the Bell.

Have the panel missed any more good examples? Do you agree with the choices? What tropes are in some of these shows? Let me know what you think in the comments.