Supanova Gold Coast Cosplay 2017

Supanova Gold Coast 2017 took place last weekend, featuring guests from film and comic worlds, skilled writers and artists, and cosplayers.

Characters from all across different media gathered together, and this post is a list of the standout characters that I was excited to see cosplayed.

For example, haven written about Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4, it was a fun surprise to actually see a Naoto cosplayer. And more on that point, having started to play Persona 5, a Futaba Sakura cosplayer appeared on Saturday. Another shock, and a great surprise.

All photos from the weekend are available on The Wallflyer Facebook page.

Wallflyer Blog Roll – Writing for March 25, 2015

This week, under a growing tide of work events, and a training course in Linux – combined with my comic book store not receiving their weekly shipment of comics, manga, and graphic novels – I don’t have a review on a recently published comic this week.

In the future, if circumstances get prevent writing a weekly post, I have plans to publish a different article, that dives into a popular culture franchise or character for analysis. At the moment, I have incomplete drafts that I don’t think are ready to publish on Wallflyer.

While this is unfortunate, the time available today is a good opportunity to promote other blogger’s work – their writing about comics and popular culture this week. A blog roll of popular culture reviews and writing for the week of March 25, 2015:

Jaythreadbear has collected together thoughts and ideas on comics published, and television episodes aired, this week. In particular, the insight into television airing this week were great to see: iZombie, Walking Dead, and The Flash is great to see.

At the The Good Kind of Geek, there’s a good collection of short form reviews for a series of popular comics released this week. They include the long-running manga series One Piece in their review collection for this week.

GothamRogue has captured a strong series of cosplay photography. Cosplay runway features cosplay of comic book characters each week. This week, the cosplay covered are Poison Ivy, Gambit & Rogue, Phoenix, Ronan, and Spider-Gwen.

Sci-Fi Jubilee has written a great review of Batman Eternal #51, which is the second last instalment in the year long series starring The Batman. It’s great to read the character exploration, particularly in Bluebird, Spoiler, and Catwoman.

Outright Geekery has a thorough and well curated collection of cover artwork for published this week – March 26, 2015. The cover for Wayward #6 in particular has some impressive art choices with forced perspective and a dark turn on a lively setting.