Comics Review and News

After reading through several new Marvel, DC, and Independent comics from the past two weeks, I have a number of updates I’m going to add this week.

Wonder Woman #0

DC recently published a series of origin stories for their characters, and Wonder Woman’s story stands out as a entertaining and compelling. Unlike several of the other titles from DC at the moment, Wonder Woman weaves together an exciting action story with a plot that surprises the reader – something that is becoming a rare in mainstream comic books.

During the events of her monthly comic, Wonder Woman’s origins have already come to light, defined her character, and then moved over for more pressing events. Since an “issue #0” is ostensibly published to tell the origin story, readers might ask why bother?

Readers should bother in this case, because Wonder Woman #0 is an exciting stand-alone story telling a tale of several formative events in Wonder Woman’s life. Namely, when she reached the brink of childhood, and stepped boldly into young adulthood.

  Brian Azzarello, writer of 100 Bullets (published by Darkhorse comics), brings us a  a journey into the Labyrinth to fight the Minotaur alongside Harpy egg collecting to make a birthday cake.

The writing tone adds a layer of humor: it is written in the style of an older, over-the-top comic adventure that might be found in the silver age of comic publishing – alliteration and humor appear, particularly in the writer’s and artist’s credits.

Artists Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson, and Jared Fletcher give some heroic art here. Dark and light places are dramatic, and character emotions, particularly their anxiety, are expertly rendered.

Wonder Woman #0 is published by DC entertainment.