Gold Coast Supanova 2014 Cosplay Part 2

Below is part 2 of 2: a Supanova cosplay photo collection featuring skilful costumes from the Gold Coast 2014 festival.





















Weekly Comics – August 24 2012. Three Independents.

I had a two week break, unannounced (sorry about that), and I have a shorter, special post this week, with three comics from independent publishers Dark Horse, Kaboom!, and Image.

Adventure Time #7

I could not praise this issue enough – I enjoy the animated series, and had a great experience reading the comic book adaptation. The character voices, written by Ryan North, effortlessly capture the sound of Adventure Times language, which is fairly unique. The plot basically centres around time travel: Jake and Finn are attempting to repair a time machine built be Princess Bubblegum, but are thrown decades into the future as a result 0f their efforts. The Scenes in the future are my favorite. Shelly Paroline and Braden Lamb produce some energetic and fun art. An altogether engaging comic that draws the reader in with its accessible and bright design, and then doesn’t let go as the adventure continues.

America’s Got Powers #2

A very sharp and clever story about a young American with superpowers living in a world separated into “Powers” and “Normals”. This issue deals with the aftermath of the issue #1, and Tommy Watts, the protagonist, has a decision to make about his future: will he fight in an arena against other super powered teens for a popular reality television show? Bryan Hitch’s art has clean, strong lines: it’s always a high standard of comic art, and America’s Got Powers is filled with good designs for characters and places in this original world. This is a great super hero comic for readers looking for a good series without having to research continuity to understand the story. Jonathan Ross writes strong character relationships between Tommy Watts and his family in addition to a love interest – Debbie, who has an insect-like appearance with “cute mandibles“. It does seem similar to the Hunger Games, but the comic ties itself to many popular culture influences including X-men, Heroes, and Rising Stars.

Angel & Faith #12

The story of Joss Whedon’s Legendary Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to expand as writer Christos Gage crafts a new story for popular spin-off character Angel and the rouge slayer Faith. Willow, the powerful witch, and Connor, Angel’s son (Both characters have interesting histories), join Angel and Faith on an important quest: part of their goal is to help Willow regain magical powers. Rebekah Isaacs draws superior facial expressions on the characters, with great lighting considering the characters are exploring the hellish and gloomy Quor’toth in search of magic. This plot stems from the stories of the television series, followed by season 8: a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic. Both are worth watching and reading. They are endlessly entertaining, smart, and woven together with Whedon’s own sense of humor.